Mumology: Theme for 2011

Each year MOPS groups around Australia follow a theme. During the year, activities and topics and planned around that particular theme. In 2011, the theme has been “Mumology: The Art and Science of Mothering”.

Essential Elements • Core: a mom’s unique, inner self, including her temperament, life experiences, emotions, passions, and potential • Finesse: artfully rendering the brief sketches that make up our daily routines so that little by little, they form together into the desired big picture • Circle: the people and networks who share in shaping your family environment. • Grandscape: the broadest view of life – those things seen and unseen; the past, present and future; both cosmic and earthly, mortal and immortal, infinite and enduring for all time  

Momology: A Mom’s Guide to Shaping Great Kids, by Shelly Radic, forms the foundation for this year’s MOPS curriculum. This book provides a framework for the essentials of mothering and gives each mom space to discover her personal style. Mothering is part art, part science, and always a work in progress! Momology is backed by more than 30 years of ministry at MOPS International.

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